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This website is a tribute to
Yochanan Rywerant (1920 -2010)
Feldenkrais teacher, trainer and master.

It is a compilation of sources of Classical Feldenkrais which is a unifying name for the Feldenkrais Method and the Feldenkrais Profession as taught by Yochanan Rywerant in the name of his teacher Moshe Feldenkrais.

This website is being published 40 years
after the death of
Moshe Feldenkrais (1904 - 1984). 

The image precedes the action

- Yochanan Rywerant

"We act in accordance with our self-image.
I eat, walk, speak, think, see, love, etc. according to how I feel when I perform these actions.
This self-image of ours comes to us partly through inheritance, partly through upbringing and partly through self-study..."

"... Of the three active factors that shape our self-image, only self-study is to some extent in our hands..."

- Moshe Feldenkrais

What is about

This is a work in progress including written material, links and references. It is a dynamic source, which is aimed for readers with various levels of background and knowledge encompassing the Feldenkrais inquiry.

I primarily want to create, write and publish material within a narrow field, namely the Feldenkrais profession and simultaneously including the exploratory path otherwise known as the Feldenkrais Method.

Writing about this subject is not as simple as giving someone a Feldenkrais lesson, either individually or in a group format, where it is possible to rely on the subjective experience of non-verbal information arising within the person concerned. Reading is only words and language, while lessons are organic and self-understood.

I encountered Feldenkrais during an extended stay in Israel while studying physiotherapy at the Wingate Institute between 1972-75. In 1974 I began to partake in the Alexander Yanai open ATM classes. I am celebraiting my 50th anniversary with the Feldenkrais process.

I am a third generation Feldenkrais practitioner, educated in Stockholm in a basic training during the years 1988 -1991 and an additional Trainers Training in the years 1994 -1996. I am trained by Yochanan Rywerant in the A B C of the profession, the meta A B C and the meta meta A B C as well. I have done additional advanced trainings with TAB trainers as well as Mia Segal.

I have continued to be an insatiable autodidact, and the consistent interweaving of theory with the practical teaching, that I received from YR from the beginning, made me professionally independent in my teaching capacity from the start.

I have had my own practice with teaching the Feldenkrais Method continuously since 1991. This includes meta teaching seminars as for advanced studies with teachers educated in the TAB format. Since 1998 I have been writing for different Feldenkrais Forums. I have a professional and personal interest to construct websites and to write about the Feldenkrais Method and associated subjects.

My intention with this website is to supplement and occasionally refute the material published about Moshe Feldenkrais from other sources. Another purpose of the site is to write and present YR's films, books and articles, including an overview of his teaching, work and biographical facts.

I call the Feldenkrais Method I learned from Yochanan Rywerant, and indirectly Moshe Feldenkrais, Classical. It is traditional in style and form, based on a Method developed and having existed over a long period of time, from the early times in Tel Aviv, still being vibrant.

In numerous articles, I intend to clarify and differentiate what Classical Feldenkrais means and entails and focus it in relation to the common widespread Feldenkrais movement teaching.

This exisitence of Classical Feldenkrais also urges for re-establishing the role that Yochanan Rywerant should rightfully have within the profession, which could close the gap created by years of marginalization, neglect, and invisibility.

At the time of this writing, it is forty years since Moshe Feldenkrais, the Method's originator, died.
Forty years is, according to the Jewish tradition, the time span that Bnei Israel spent in the desert after the Exodus from Egypt before they arrived to Eretz Israel. The overall explanation in Jewish sources states that 40 years is the time required to change the  paradigm and mindset, from being a slave to becoming a free person. Forty years in this metaphor is an epoch equivalent to a generation.

On the other hand, forty years can be indicative of a loss of knowledge of original thoughts and intentions. Without the teachings of Yochanan Rywerant, the deficit of learning is evident for many generations of practitioners of the Feldenkrais Method. My hope is that the contents of this website can bridge this gap.

I suggest you continue with the article Classical Feldenkrais but of course you can choose your own path and search freely.


Classical Feldenkrais

is the theory and practice taught by Moshe Feldenkrais at Alexander Yanai, on Nachmani street, et cetera and can be found in particular in his original literature in Hebrew. These were some of YR's unique sources that he in turn conceptualized, wrote about, defined and not in the least taught.

The Author

In this section you can read about YR's authorship and find direct references to his books and other published material and hand-outs.

The Teacher, Trainer and Master

In this section you can read about YR´s teaching, meta teaching and meta meta teaching.

The Person

This section contains biographical material and other information about YR's interests and commitments.

Videos of Yochanan Rywerant's Teachings

Yochanan Rywerant was ambivalent when it came to being filmed while teaching. There are some exceptions.

Tributes from Others

Here is a collection of articles written by Feldenkrais' teachers who knew YR or were impressed by his unique works

The Homage - Why Now?

About the Website